DCPM are now Whitehaus. Same company, same service, shiny new brand


DCPM are rebranding as Whitehaus Architects because we are now focusing on our strength in Architecture and documentation and moving away from advertising ourselves as builders.

DCPM have come a long way in 4 years. We have built a solid reputation by delivering successful projects and we have done this through continuous innovation, evolution, questioning, testing and refining of our design ideas and documentation processes. This has allowed us to grow a talented and dedicated team and see well over $100 million worth of projects built from our drawings in this short amount of time.

Through this process we have also learned where our real strengths are, which is why we have recently restructured our business to move away from construction to focus on Architecture and Documentation.

So why Whitehaus? A combination of White & Haus. By choosing White, we are respecting the tradition of the profession and putting name of the director and owner, Clancy White, on the door to demonstrate the dedication to and ownership of everything that goes through our office. Haus in its simplest form can mean space but typically means building or house and can also mean extended family. In practice, Whitehaus refers to white space, the potential that is each new project.