Edney Rd

Client: The Department of Communities

Location: High Wycombe, WA

Features: 53 Units (1,2 & 3 Bedroom and adaptable)

Status: Preparing Feasibility

Whitehaus was engaged to prepare a concept design on this site 1300m2 in High Wycombe, currently owned by the local shire, to provide affordable and diverse housing options for the area.  The site is located adjacent to Roe Highway and presented a number of challenges to combat noise and traffic issues.  The design was based around creating a strong community environment where housing units engaged with each other and aimed to develop a ‘neighbourhood’ environment.  Parking is deliberately dispersed to avoid large blank spaces and heat sinks and to promote activity throughout the development. Each unit has northerly access, cross ventilation, good storage and two outdoor areas.  The design tries to promote a safe community where people will be able to ‘grow’ their lives and adapt over time.